Cash Is No Longer

Stack of Credit Cards

Cash Is No Longer King

At times we see “Cash Only” sign only after we had entered the store. This creates frustrations. A potential customer now becomes unlikely because she wonders how much cash she still carries. She had spent most of that elsewhere as she looks into her purse. Without the ability to take card payments, customers like her, who willingly walked into your store, walk out immediately. She doesn’t have enough cash to enjoy the full service you provide. You point her to the ATM. She shakes her head and you watch her leave.Whatever reasons you had for using only cash you put yourself into a corner like that ATM. There is no reason to be afraid of credit card fees. In fact, you don’t have to pay a fee! Let card paying customers pay a little fee on top their purchases. This is called a Cash Discount. It boosts their cash back earning from many credit cards’ reward program.

The Cons of Cash Only

  • Cash Is Inconvenient

    Cash has a spending limit. Cash can be lost.

  • ATM Fees Is High

    ATM withdrawal fee is high for cash amount less than $120. Some ATMs are prone to card skimmers.

  • Thieves Like Cash

    They comes in the night to take the cash drawer even when there's no cash there. You will also pay for damages like repairs and replacements.

  • An Average Cash Only Payment is $22

    While the average card payment is $110. When a merchant does Cash Only, the merchant eats a very small piece of the pie.

  • Only 10% Use Cash Only

    Only the bankless, the very poor carry only cash. Well to do consumers carry cards.

Reasons To Take Card Payments

  • 67% Use Debit Cards

    67% of card payment are from Debit Cards. This is money directly from the consumer, not borrowed like from Credit Cards.

  • An Average Consumer Has 4 Different Cards

    The average household have more than one card.

  • Let Customers Earn Reward Points

    The average household have more than one card. Each card has reward built-in. Built your own loyal by taking card payment.

  • Cash Only is Bad for the Bottom Line

    There is no risk to accepting card payment with our no contract Cash Discount account. Start getting more of the American Pie.

Card Payment Service Starter

1. Cash Discount

Cash Discount card payment service is the best option to save merchants on processing fees. It adds a fixed percentage to the total to be charged on a card. This is great for new businesses with low volume and low average ticket price. In essence, consumers wishing to use a card agree to ante up 3.75-3.95%1 per ticket to help a small business succeed.

2. Countertop Smart Terminals


A successful merchant doesn’t refuse a payment card. Accepts all cards including debit card with Clover Flex. It not only is capable of dip, touch, or swipe, it can also scan barcodes for inventory or recall a transaction for refund or adjustment. Reduce risks of doing cash-only2 at personal care places (salons, spas, and hair/nails) in our community.

3. CardPointe & Virtual Terminal


Your merchant account includes back office web portal and virtual terminal. A virtual terminal allow payment over the phone or away from the physical terminal. You also get Recurring Billing feature free while other processor charge for this feature.

1. Cash Discount

What You Should Know

Our Cash Discount Program is not a convenience fee or surcharge. You simply price your items at credit card prices. When a customer chooses to pay with cash, a discount is applied. This encourage more cash payments but also provide convenience to exclusively card paying customers.

  • Cash Discount Program is legal in California and many other states.

  • The merchant will post a sign in their store notifying customers of a Cash Discount Program on all sales, preferably the merchant should post on the menu as well. If a customer pays with cash, they get a 4% discount the sale.

How It Works

For the sake of simplicity, let’s say the customer makes a $10 purchase. Below is an example if the merchant were to charge a 4% Customer Service Fee.

For Cash Purchase, the customer pays $10.

For Card Purchase, the customer pays $10 + 4.0% (or 0.40¢) = $10.40. Then after batching out the merchant will be billed for 0.40¢.

Sample Signs For Merchant’s Location

Below are two samples for signs available for download that should be displayed at the merchant’s location.

  • Cash Discount Sign PDF (Items)

  • Cash Discount Sign PDF (Item & Services)

2. Clover Flex, the Ultimate Brick Terminal Replacement

Simple, compact, and flexible touchscreen POS that’s the best replacement to the old button terminals. 

What You Get

  • 6 inch touchscreen with Android interface is easier than guessing what the buttons on buttons terminal do
  • Take any cards: contactless from NFC capable devices (watch or smartphone), chip cards, and old school magnetic stripe cards.
  • Built-in barcode scanner for inventory or transaction recall
  • Built-in 2 inch thermal printer
  • Rechargeable battery operated makes it mobile, unlike old fashion terminals
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reporting Dashboard at your fingertips
  • Merchant Software As A Service (SaaS) plugins Apps on Clover App Market
  • Dashboard also available on iOS or Android

3. CardPointe & Virtual Terminal

Clover Dashboard
Clover Dashboard

We provide free access to an Advanced, Secure, and Responsive Reporting portal, called CardPointe, to all our accounts. 

What You Get

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reporting Dashboard
  • Virtual Terminal for MOTO
  • Clover Dashboard App (iOS or Android)
  • Merchant Software As A Service (SaaS) plugins Apps
  • Month-to-Month, No Contracts
  • Recurring Billing


Get in touch with an agent

There is no risk to accepting card payment with our no contract account Cash Discount. Start getting more of the American Pie. 

Ideal for:

  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Mobile businesses
  • Retail Shops
  • Salon & Personal Care Services
  • Contractors
  • Order at the Table
  • Pay at the Table

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