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Cash Is No Longer King

At times we see “Cash Only” sign only after we had entered the store. This creates frustrations. A potential customer now becomes unlikely because she wonders how much cash she still carries. She had spent most of that elsewhere as she looks into her purse. Without the ability to take card payments, customers like her, who willingly walked into your store, walk out immediately. She doesn’t have enough cash to enjoy the full service you provide. You point her to the ATM. She shakes her head and you watch her leave.Whatever reasons you had for using only cash you put yourself into a corner like that ATM. There is no reason to be afraid of credit card fees. In fact, you don’t have to pay a fee! Let card paying customers pay a little fee on top their purchases. This is called a Cash Discount. It boosts their cash back earning from many credit cards’ reward program.

Pros & Cons of Cash Only

So what are the reasons you had for using Cash Only? I can give you the disadvantages of Cash Only.

The Cons of Cash Only

  1. You have a small piece of the pie. Many people may not carry cash, especially for young people. People will remember where they can spend, and where they get no service. They’ll remember for a long time. If people do have the cash to spend at a merchant, it’s likely that won’t be able to spend a lot because they may not have much left. 
  2. Cash Only invites theft. t’s hard to tell sometimes in some neighborhood. Customers won’t feel welcome if your body language is apprehensive. Sure you have cameras, but they will record the violence when a robbery takes place. That’s just watching the front line, you have to look out for employees stealing too! I know! I service security systems to dig out videos of employees stealing. Which bring us to the next point.
  3. Cash Only means you need to keep a safe for that pile of cash and or security personnel to pick that up in an armored truck. The armored truck will, of course, bring attention to you. Look here! We have cash!
  4. Cash Only puts family and employees in danger if you do not use a security service, you rely on a trusted employee or family member to take that to the bank. Well, now you put that person in danger of a mugging or barrel of a gun. I know! An uncle died like this. My warehouse employees were hurt at gunpoint and they quit because you failed them.
  5. Cash Only means “No Service” for Americans when you are a minority-owned business. It also means no service for Americanized minorities.
  6. Cash Only means no bookkeeping, but also no reporting to compare how you did this time versus last week.
  7. Customers don’t like ATM either when they only need $20 to $40. At $3.00 fee on a $20, that’s 15%. You need to withdrawal at least $190 dollars to reduce that fee to 3 percent.

The Pros of Cash Only

  1. Instant money
  2. No transaction fee
  3. Very little book keeping

That’s just three “meh” points versus seven really bad points.

Let’s face it! If the real reason you put up a Cash Only sign up is because of credit card fees, then we have a solution: That’s a cash discount program. You pay no fees.

Let’s face it! The real reason some merchants do not take cards themselves is that they make money on the ATM fees at the corner of their store. We will point out how much fee is charged to the customer to withdrawal from an ATM.

Cash Only is Bad for the Bottom Line

There is no risk to accepting card payment with our no contract account Cash Discount. Start getting more of the American Pie. 

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Card Payment Service Starter

1. Cash Discount


Cash Discount card payment service is the best option to save merchants on processing fees. It adds a fixed percentage to the total to be charged on a card. This is great for new businesses with low volume and low average ticket price. In essence, consumers wishing to use a card agree to ante up 3.75-3.95%1 per ticket to help a small business succeed.

2. Countertop Smart Terminals

pax-s80 transparent

We at ATC POS believe in a merchant’s success, so we provide a modern terminal, at no additional cost to the merchant, that’s capable of dip, touch, or swipe. The cost is recouped through the cash discount rate over the span of many months. Most importantly, we believe in taking away the risks of cash-only2 at personal care places (salons, spas, and hair/nails) in our community.

3. MX Suite & Virtual Terminal

Merchant Suite is a free, modern, REST backoffice platform with app store

In addition to a FREE card terminal (# 2., middle column), the merchant also gets FREE access to the core functions of our advanced, responsive, extendible back-office web app platform, called MX Merchant. Besides daily reporting, two FREE core features are Quick Pay Virtual Terminal, for taking payment over the phone; and MX Merchant Express smartphone app, for taking payment on the go.

1. Cash Discount

What You Should Know

Our Cash Discount Program is not a convenience fee or surcharge. You simply price your items at cash discount prices. When a customer chooses to pay with a credit card or debit card, a non-cash price adjustment will pass through to the customer and deposited in the merchant’s bank account the following day.

  • The merchant will post a sign in their store notifying customers of a Customer Service Fee on all sales, preferably the merchant should post on the menu as well. If a customer pays with cash, the merchant will waive the Customer Service Fee and discount the sale.

  • The credit card terminal will provide an additional line item on the credit card receipt for the amount of the Customer Service Fee that the customer is responsible for paying. There is no additional steps or calculations needed from the staff at the time of sale.

  • After the merchant batches their credit cards, they will receive a deposit for the full amount of the sale PLUS the Customer Service Fee.

  • The merchant will be billed for their processing cost which will offset against the service fees.

How It Works

For the sake of simplicity, let’s say the customer makes a $10 purchase. Below is an example if the merchant were to charge a 3.90% Customer Service Fee.

For Cash Purchase, the customer pays $10.

For Card Purchase, the customer pays $10 + 3.90% (or 0.39¢) = $10.39. Then after batching out the merchant will be billed for 0.39¢.

Sample Signs For Merchant’s Location

Below are two samples for signs available for download that should be displayed at the merchant’s location.

  • Cash Discount Sign PDF (Items)

  • Cash Discount Sign PDF (Item & Services)

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There is no risk to accepting card payment with our no contract account Cash Discount. Start getting more of the American Pie. 

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2. Secured Countertop Terminals

A. Stand-Alone Dip/Tap/Swipe Terminals

We provide several top brands of secured smart terminals from First Data, Ingenico, PAX, and Verifone. The current baseline models are all capable of reading secure chip (EMV) and proximity (NFC) cards, and each terminal transmits secured card information over faster Ethernet or WiFi. All terminals have a built-in thermal printer. All terminal can have tip option, void/refund, reprint, and report functions.

B. Optional Customer-Facing Debit/Credit Readers

Optional customer facing PIN Pad unit extension to each terminal is available for taking Debit card payment.

Speed up pay line with a second terminal or add PIN pad at the cost below.

3. MX Suite & Virtual Terminal

MX Merchant

Merchant Suite is a free, modern, REST backoffice platform with app store

We provide free access to an Advanced, Secure, and Responsive Reporting portal, called MX Merchant, to all our accounts. You don’t have to call us to get access to your reporting like you would with other processors. We have a transparent report system you can view fee breakdown of each transaction.

What You Get

  • Daily Reporting Dashboard
  • Virtual Terminal for MOTO
  • MX Merchant Express App (iOS or Android)
  • Merchant Software As A Service (SaaS) plugins Apps
  • Month-to-Month, No Contracts
  • Trouble shoot live chat
  • Account change management


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