A Merchant Account with Us Gets You...

  • Free Access, Anywhere

    All Merchant Accounts have free access to MX Merchant Core Features

  • Quick Pay Virtual Terminal

    Get paid quickly anywhere you can login on mxmerchant.com

  • MX Merchant Express

    Take payment from a free app for iOS or Android

  • Robust Reporting

    Detail Reporting for transactions

  • Users Management

    Great for managng a mobile workforce that take payment

  • Customers Management

    Great for tracking loyal customers

  • MX Add-on Apps

    Value-added Apps on MX to make your business a successful one

A Merchant Account with Us Gets You...

  • MX Express App (iOS/Android)
    MX Express App (iOS/Android) FREE

    • Input card info by phone's camera; or
    • Dip/Tap/Swipe with Walker C2X card readers (phone jack or Bluetooth)
  • Quick Pay Virtual Terminal
    Quick Pay Virtual Terminal FREE

    MX Merchant's ability to take payment from the desktop is a great way to get started without a terminal. It's also a way for Mail Order/Telephone Order. It also works with Walker C2X Bluetooth chip card reader.

  • PCI ControlScan
    PCI ControlScan FREE

    ControlScan’s PCI 1-2-3 solution provides business owners and franchisees with the leading tools and support necessary to analyze, remediate and validate PCI compliance at an affordable rate.

  • MX Developer
    MX Developer FREE

    Our comprehensive API makes building any application, from a marketplace to a mobile payment app, effortless.

Additional Value-Added 1st Party Apps

  • MX Invoice
    MX Invoice $14.95/month

    With Merchant Invoice you can invoice your customers and set them up on recurring/subscription plans. This additional payment option provides your customers with an easier way to pay in turn making it easier for you to collect.

  • MX Insights
    MX Insights $14.95/month

    MX Insights Basic provides you with a deep set of analytics that helps measure business performance and customer loyalty, including: Average Purchase Size, Average Visits, Average Spend per Customer, Average Spend, Days Between Visits, and Repeat Customers.
    The Enchanced version available for only 29.00/month.

  • ACH on MX
    ACH on MX $19.95/month

    Why stop at credit cards? Cut out the middleman and collect even more with our integrated ACH processing platform. ACH.COM gives you the most cost efficient electronic transactions for your business and allows you to easily streamline your accounting operations.

  • MX Merchant Retail
    MX Merchant Retail 24.95/month

    MX Retail provides you with the following functionality to effectively operate your retail business: Products, Stock Control, Orders, Customer Products and Order History, Discounts, Sales Tax, Inventory, Profitability Reports, and Loyalty Rewards.

  • B2B on MX
    B2B on MX $19.95/month

    The B2B Payments App ensures that Purchasing and Corporate card payment data is passed correctly in order to qualify at an optimal interchange rate.

Do More Than Just Taking Payment

Please use company email

More Value-Added by 3rd Party

Storefront on MX

Billed by 3rd Party

MX Storefront is a merchant website and ecommerce storefront builder for Priority Payment Systems merchants.

Account Updater on MX

Billed by 3rd Party

Do you hate inconveniencing both yourself and your customer to get their new card information after you realize it’s declined? With Account Updater you don’t have to, when a card is expired or changed it will automatically update within the account vault saving you time, potentially lost revenue, and risked customer loyalty.

Sezzle on MX

Billed by 3rd Party

Payment technology that increases conversion and order values by enabling shoppers to buy now and pay later with interest-free installment plans.

QuickBooks on MX

Billed by 3rd Party

Manually tracking sales between MX Merchant and your QuickBooks account can become an accounting nightmare. With the QuickBooks integration, you can export your payment data in the proper format and update your QuickBooks account within seconds.

e|tab on MX

Billed by 3rd Party

Web and mobile app orders are quickly becoming the most popular method for customers to interact with their favorite restaurants. What?s more, online orders mean your staff can deal with customers instead of answering phones – while e|tab delivers new orders straight to your kitchen!

eGiftify on MX

Billed by 3rd Party

eGiftify is a unique & simple one-stop solution to sell your physical & digital gift cards, promos and offers instantly from your store, online, via social media and mobile apps. Manages your client information, loyalty, free gifts and reporting all from one simple screen.