A fixed flat rate based on each ticket is easy to understand. It’s an attractive option for new businesses doing low volume, low ticket transactions. You always know the monthly fees at the end of the month.

This is an equivalent to Square’s flat rate of 2.75% AND WE CAN DO IT FOR LESS!

Just like Square we provide a FREE Magnetic Stripe Reader.

  • Cardpointe App

    Available for iOS and Android devices


Call 1-833-767-6732 for quick merchant account sign. Or fill out the form below for an agent to reach out to you. 

Please use company email
The next steps would require:
1. A legal ID of majority owning officer(s) or owners of the Business,
2. Proof of EIN/ITIN, and
3. A copy of the voided check with "ATC POS" written in the memo section. 
(This way no one can reuse your voided check fraudulently anywhere else.)
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