Choose Your Rate Plan

2.75% Flat Rate Or Less!​

A fixed flat rate based on each ticket is easy to understand. It's an attractive option for new merchants doing low volume, low ticket transactions. Merchants always know their monthly fees at the end of the month.

No Fees with Cash Discount

Is Cash still King in a society where the advent of smartphones and smartwatches take place of credit cards and cash? With such a convenience people carry less paper money to spend at your storefront, so you need to adapt. Cash Discount is a safe step towards accepting card payments and not have to pay all the processing fees yourself. That's right! Zero fees on your part.​

Fair & Honest Pricing: Interchange-Plus​

Many Merchants had a gross experience with a processor. From confusing or hidden fees to chargebacks, to delay in funding, it's no wonder these merchants remain cash only and save themselves headaches and their bottom line. Here at Around The Clock P.O.S., we price according to Interchange-Plus, a fair model of adding a constant, flat rate on top of the Interchange fee.​


Grow Your Business,
Accept Any Credit Card

Accept any credit card payments at the counter, over the phone, or from a website through our transparent merchant service using secure and modern solutions that's also simple to use. You can also accept contactless payment devices from Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.

Keep a Look-Out
and Listen In

Remotely monitor your place from high-definition, audio-video cameras anywhere on a laptop, a browser, or smart phone. Masterfully run your business with two-way audio to listen in or communicate instructions.​ Record locally, no playback subscription from the likes of Google Nest or Amazon Ring brands.

Beautify Your Brand Image,
Put Excitement On a TV

From physical to digital presence, we're here to design attractive store signage and responsive web site on our domain and hosting service. Sell even more when you add on an online storefront.​

Audio-Video Security Solutions That's Customizable

Above is a small selection of cameras available to customize the recorder. There are two types of recorders: Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or Network Video Recorder (NVR). DVR works with top industry standards (HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD, & 960H); whereas NVR works with ONVIF open standard or propriety IP video format. 

Choose from basic HD DVR kits or choosing the right camera for the job. Other customization includes storage capacity, microphone, and speaker out. Our merchants like to zoom in on the POS and cash drawer. Others communicate with employees through 2-way audio. Up to 8 megapixels cameras and DVR are now available.

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