Your Freedom of Choice on Rate Plans

2.75% Flat Rate Or Less!​

Easy to understand and calculate, Flat Rate is attractive for new businesses doing low volume, low ticket transactions. 

No Fees with Cash Discount

Cash Discount allows you to take cards when necessary and encourages customers to pay cash to get a discount. It's great for small businesses.

Fair & Honest Pricing: Interchange-Plus​

Interchange Cost Plus Margin is a honest and consistently low pricing model based on type of cards used. Our Margin is 0.20% + 10 cents. Fantastic plan for any business.


Grow Your Business,
Accept Any Credit Card

Accept any credit card payments at the counter, over the phone, or from a website through our transparent merchant service using secure and modern solutions that's also simple to use. You can also accept contactless payment devices from Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.

Keep a Look-Out
and Listen In

Remotely monitor your place from high-definition, audio-video cameras anywhere on a laptop, a browser, or smart phone. Masterfully run your business with two-way audio to listen in or communicate instructions.​ Record locally, no playback subscription from the likes of Google Nest or Amazon Ring brands.

Beautify Your Brand Image,
Put Excitement On a TV

From physical to digital presence, we're here to design attractive store signage and responsive web site on our domain and hosting service. Sell even more when you add on an online storefront.​